Our Story

How it all started...

Mount Carmel Baptist Church was organized in 1886. Reverend Rutherford A. Gowder was the organizer and first pastor of the church. He continued to pastor  the church even after he went blind according to his family.
As stated by "The History of Banks County", George James Brooks donated the land on which Mount Carmel was built. Mt. Carmel was a charter member of the Enon Association which was organized in 1900.  The first  annual session of the Enon Association was held at Mt. Carmel on October 18 & 19,1901.  The minutes of this meeting state that Reverend W.L. Barrett was pastor and Mt. Carmel had 125 members.

In 1905 the first Sunday School was organized. In 1906 the church purchased an organ. In 1907 Atlanta M. Brooks gave a plot of land for the cemetery. In1918 the church voted to add 12 feet in length to it's building and to build the pulpit in the side of the church.
During the last week of August 1932, a revival  was held with 126 new members added. At this time 119 people were baptized in two different baptisms and seven people joined by letter of faith. Reverend Billie Scales was the pastor and Brother Tribble was his associate. The church had 189 members prior to the revival and a total of 305 after it.

In 1973 the church began a bus ministry and currently operates two vans on a regular basis. 

Over the years Mt. Carmel has grown. Several remodeling and renovation projects have taken place. In1974 the church voted to build a new sanctuary and on Homecoming Day, June 27, 1976 the first service was held in the new building. 

Expanding the vision...

As a local body of believers, we cannot neglect the necessity of the mission God has placed His church on. There are many within our community and around the world who need to hear the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. It's our responsibility to broadcast the "good news" to the masses for the glory of God. 

Where we are headed...

Knowing the storied history of Mount Carmel Baptist Church - we believe that the best days are ahead for this wonderful body of believers. Our desire is to seek out ways to be more missional and productive for the glory of God. 

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together 11 am.