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Jiangsu Metal Spining Produets Co . , Ltd was established on May 09, 2017,The place is in Huai 'an Lianshui County Gaogou Town,formerly known as Kunshan Metal Spining Produets Co . , Ltd,our company has introduced Germany’s advanced metal forming technology—spinning。
The factory has a scale of 20000 square meters, four multi-functional workshops, more than 110 employees, dozens of high-precision CNC spinning machines, complete surface treatment equipment.


success cases

16 years of professional
product production experience

Annual turnover of tens of millions

Professional Engineer Team

The Common Trust Choice of Enterprises

Copper snare drum case

Brass snare drum case

Aluminum snare drum housing

Aviation communication accesso…

Auto parts - exhaust pipe part…

Auto parts - Intake manifold

Planter-Bright black hemispher…

Planter- Pink Planter
Five major advantages
Technology enterprises
Professional focus
Product commitment
Service guarantee
newly-rising enterprises

Our company has introduced the advanced automated metal forming technology fromGermany - CNC Metal Spinning. and matched equipment such as high-precision CNCmachines, manual spinning machines, punching and surface treatments machines.

professional field

The design of spinning die, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, nickel, gold, silver and other precious metal spinning products forming, stamping products forming

rich experience

The company has 16 years of experience in spinning, a large number of data for the analysis of products, can perfectly meet the various needs of customers.

quality guarantee

The company produces all products, are in line with international standards, can provide indicators report.

after-sales service

We have specialized after-sales service to serve customers in the first time and protect customers' interests.

Rich production experience

Strictly produce products in accordance with industry standards and customer requirements, taking improving product quality and enhancing research and development capabilities as the direction of enterprise development

Using technological production as the standard

From selecting raw materials to cost, one-stop production continuously improves and improves the quality system, viewing quality as the lifeline of the enterprise

Professional scale, production line

Production lines with specialized scale and large production capacity undergo strict inspections to prevent any defective products from entering the market

Professional team, 24-hour service

Professional quality inspection equipment and standards ensure that each process meets product standards. The products are exported to more than 20 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions across the country and have received unanimous praise from users.

direct deal

The manufacturer ships directly, saving a lot of profits from intermediate distributors. Strictly select high-quality product raw materials according to the company's requirements

A comprehensive service system

We have a comprehensive pre-sales, in sales, and after-sales service system, and professional engineers to answer customer service questions and provide detailed tracking for you

Equipment display
Equipment display
Technical communication
Making samples
Sample confirmation
Happy cooperation
After sales tracking
Good reputation stems from a persistent commitment to product quality

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